"Only in the Panhandle" Trump chagrined to the crowd gathered in Northwest Florida earlier this year after he mused about the problem with the invasion happening at our southern border.

What can we do about it? he asked. Some wag yelled "Shoot 'em." He grinned and said "only in the Panhandle" ... and the crowd roared. That was sad and shameful then and it underscores today the tragedy that has occurred in El Paso ... a shooter who was inspired by Trump's comments.

As one resident of the "Panhandle" I am both incensed, again, for his flippant acceptance of that shout, and embarrassed by those who raved and hooted at the incident. It is no way for a president to act, nor does it instill pride in our area when folks here egg him on like that. However, it does demonstrate the divisiveness of the man who lives in our White House, who inspires terrorists in our midst.

No sir, and no to those who shouted agreement: This is NOT what most of us in the Panhandle believe. I sure as hell hope not.

John King, Pensacola