JAY — The city Of Jay is growing and has some construction projects underway to meet that growth.

"The FDOT is repaving Highway 4 for the stretch that goes through Jay," said Eric Seib, operations manager for the city of Jay. "There is also the grant money to replace the 28,000 linear feet of cast iron water main that will be replaced by PVC piping."

Jay's aging Bray-Hendricks Park is also looking to receive an update in the near future.

The park does need work. The playground equipment is old and faded, upkeep of the fields needs attention and there an array of small projects that could be done to improve it. Some portions of Bray-Hendricks Park currently look battered and just abandoned. The outdoor handball /racquetball courts are full of piles of leaves and branches.

According to Donna Bullock, Jay's town clerk, a small portion of Santa Rosa County Commissioner Don Salter's District 3 recreation fund is gifted to Jay to keep up with the grounds work.

Seib said once the town finishes with the water main and the repaving of Highway 4 he will have city engineers come up with a plan to improve the park. Seib said once he can get the engineering plan done they can start applying for grants on their own and will also look into Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program for possible sources of park money.