I have to ask Gerald Archuleta (Letter to the Editor, July 31, "Trump no 'good old boy') if he is really so uninformed that he needs to bash Trump for idiotic and meaningless data?

He didn’t run for president because he needed money, that is true. He did it to "Make America Great Again." I’d be more concerned with politicians who come in broke and leave as multimillionaires.

The people who support him don’t care if he is rich, poor, white, black, male or female. What we do care about is what his is doing for this country and what he is doing for everyone.

But you Democrat people are so blind and full of hate, you can’t see past your ego. Yes, he does some bizarre things and he is very vocal in his remarks, but he is no politician, and that's what this country needed. He calls out people (leadership) and points out publicly that they continue to do nothing to make their communities better.

These leaders that are bashing Trump have some of the worst areas in America. Maybe if they spent more time fixing their district than burning up tax dollars to fight Trump, they too could get things done. Hypocritical Democrats are on one side of the fence until Trump actually makes things happen, then you jump over to the other side.

Yes, it will be very interesting to see who you Democrats can pony up for the nomination to run against Trump. So far, it’s been better entertainment than shows on CBS and NBC. Not one of them have any realistic and achievable ideas. And if Sleepy Joe does happen to make it, really? That’s all you got because no other person or politician can make it actually happen like Trump!

So Gerald, sit back, grab a beer and watch the clown show the Democrats are putting on. As a result, your taxes won’t go up, your guns won’t be taken away, the borders will still be closed to illegals and Trump will hold your leadership accountable or get rid of them.

Gary Liddell, Holt