MILTON — The Carpenter's Park splash pad is back in action following council's approval of $20,330 in additional funds to include a redesign to help with the impact it could have had to the Blackwater River.

The project had been delayed from its original completion date of Memorial Day due to council and city staff concerns over potential issues that could arise from effluents being discharged into the rivers as well as a technical issue involving a line that carries wastewater from the splash pad to the treatment center.

The addition of the funding would allow, according to city documents, for the addition of water quality treatment swales for stormwater runoff from the splash pad, the specification of a valve that will direct stormwater that enters the drain of the splash pad while not in use to the water quality treatment swale and bidding services for the project. 

With the approval of the additional funding, the total cost of the project is now set at 127,030. 

City Councilwoman Shannon Rice thanked the city staff for their work in getting the project back and being "creative" in coming up with the proposal.

City Manager Randy Jorgenson said the project will begin being constructed in this fiscal year, with completion expected in the spring of 2020.

"We should start construction two months before the holidays," he said.