On June 27, 2019, I received a call about my brother Jalen Whitfield's truck abandoned on the road to Deatons Bridge and I thought to myself "no way he ran out of gas again" so I went out to his rescue.  When I got there his truck was stuck in the sand but his passenger window was down and all his personal belongings were inside including cellphone and keys in the ignition. I called everyone we both knew in hopes someone had already saved him. No one had a clue. I called my dad and he came out with friends to search for Jalen. No luck, it was dark and we called 911. 

SRC deputies came out with dogs but after a couple hours no scents were detected. Into Tuesday, almost 24 hours later, we are scared and so worried. FWC Officer Jason Hutchinson and his K9 Zara came to help in the search. Within 90 minutes or so Jalen Whitfield had been located. Officer Hutchinson radioed ahead to FWC Officer Rockwell and FWC Officer Hoomes who grabbed their canoe and headed up stream. They knew time was not on their side, the situation was dire. That day, these three men and their K9 saved my brother Jalen Whitfield.  

I know without these brave men we would not have our Jalen today. Thank you with all our hearts from the family of Jalen Whitfield.

Kenise Whitfield, Milton