MILTON — The Milton Keyser Cemetery Board is thanking Rachel Hines, archaeology assistant at the Florida Public Archaeology Network, a program of the Northwest Region at the University of West Florida; Steven Ramirez, a faculty member of the Social Studies Department at Milton High School; and the Milton High School students of the archaeology class. 

The group collected data about the placement of graves in the cemetery — a never ending task for board members — and also did additional work at the cemetery.

Cemetery board Chair Barbara Glover said Ramirez and the students were a welcome sight each Friday morning at the cemetery. They showed up diligently to meet with Glover and board Secretary Ruth Jones, despite the weather. The only hindrances were extreme cold and rain, and school breaks and activities. 

"We are grateful for the many tasks that the group performed [which] included placing flags for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day and removing dead floral arrangements to keep up a fresh appearance at each grave site. All were labor intensive projects," Glover said.

"As a board, we appreciate the interest and enthusiasm that the students, Rachel and Mr. Ramirez showed not only in the projects they participated in, but also in their attentiveness and curiosity regarding the history and facts about the cemetery. We look forward to working with Rachel, Mr. Ramirez and the students in the future," she said.

"Congratulations to the students in the group who graduated. Go Panthers!!!"