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Priorities could degrade school system

The article in today's paper (June 26) on the priorities for the tax increase is interesting. It noted many priorities such as a new YMCA, soccer field and football expansions, but nothing for building schools.

Maybe they are going to use the impact fees for the school system — or not.

If the school system degrades, people will stop moving in and growth will be controlled. Maybe that is our leaders' plan to controlled growth. Interesting concept.

Ray Slingerland



Against impact fees, for sales tax

I was calling about this thing in the paper about the impact fee.

I just wanted to say that I am against it, because actually up here ... where I'm at, the houses right now are going up probably about $10,000 or so in about a year and a half. And then if you put an impact fee also on it it's going to make it much harder for people to own a home, especially when the young people are coming up for their first home.

But I do believe in going ahead and (putting) on the 1 percent sales tax so that everyone would have to pay that. Then you could use some of that for the schools.

Jessie Miller

Santa Rosa County

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