MILTON — Each year, fourth and fifth grade students at Bennett C. Russell Elementary School have the option of participating in the Cardinal Chorus under the direction of Alicia Coon.

Students who participate in this extra-curricular activity receive music training in vocal production to establish note placement, breath support, posture, diction, and enunciation. Along with choral techniques, the students learn focus, responsibility and team work.

Throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to perform at school and community events, as well as district and state competitions.

During the 2018-2019 school year, 91 Bennett C. Russell students performed at Christmas and spring events throughout Santa Rosa County.

Katie Madison, Michelle Kirkham and John Thies were chosen to participate in the Florida Music Educators Regional/State competition in Gainesville and Tampa.

Ava Kibodeaux, Charity Barrett, Michelle Kirkham, Danielle Moody, Addison Newton, Owen Diamond, LaQuentin Longmire, Lilyana Green, Lexi Bender, and Lilly Nava were among those selected who performed at the Santa Rosa All-County Honors Chorus event in Milton.