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Half cent sales tax conditions

The Landthrips sent this letter to Santa Rosa commissioners a few days ago.

Hello County Commissioners. Please be advised that we will not vote for the half cent addition to the local option sales tax unless impact fees for infrastructure, which is roads and schools, is supported and initiated by the Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners.

We all know that you are obligated to the Santa Rosa Home Builders because of their campaign contributions.

You should everyone of you be ashamed of how you are treating the taxpaying citizens who voted you into office.

Don't expect our loyalty at the next election. 

Carol and Louie Landthrip, Pace


Milton Community Center roof needs repair

I wonder who's in charge of putting a roof on the community center because it does leak, and that's where we have to go if a storm or hurricane comes.

Pauline Grimes, Pace


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