MILTON — Main Street Milton's second annual Milton Photo Competition is underway. The organization is seeking the best photographs of its downtown area, images that capture its true essence.

Photos will be displayed on MSM’s social media, website and other promotional materials.

Submit photos to Main Street Milton no later than 4 p.m. July 31. Entries received past deadline will not be considered.

Images may be emailed or provided via flash drive. All entries will be confirmed via email.

Following the deadline, the photographs will be posted to the Main Street Milton Facebook page to allow the public to vote for their favorite. MSM may select up to three photos as winning entries. One image will be the winner of the Facebook vote.

Rules and guidelines

•Photos must be sent as a high resolution digital file in .jpeg or .jpg format.

•Images must be of a professional quality. "Professional" does not mean a paid photographer with a photography company. The definition is based on the image. The organization wants composed, pixel-rich photographs taken on purpose with quality equipment that meets the requirements for use in printed and electronic media. Basically, they mean not a photo off of a cellphone. Professional photographers and hobbyists alike are welcome to submit.

•All photos must be from within the Main Street Milton Service Area (map available upon request).

•At least one photo must include a street scene or event involving people.

•Photos must be from this year.

•Submissions are limited to five images per photographer. Only one image per photographer may be selected.

•Watermarks, logos, signatures or copyright notices detract from the natural appearance of photographs and are not permitted on entries for this contest. Please remove any such markings prior to submission.

•Do not add any elements or objects that do not exist in the original scene. Color modification or special effects filters are allowed.

• The photographer must have full permission of any recognizable person appearing in the photograph to be able to grant the right to display their likeness online or in printed materials.

•If vehicles are present in any photo, please blur any license plates or identifying numbers/markings.

•All submitted photos become the property of Main Street Milton.

•Email submissions to or drop off at the address above.

•MSM will publicly recognize and award a plaque to the winners.