MILTON — A man who allegedly planned to smuggled drugs into Century Correctional Institution has been arrested, according to Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson.

Johnson held a press conference Tuesday to announce the arrest of Leonard Chapman of Pensacola on May 30 after deputies stopped him at the Jay Post Office.

Johnson said a deputy looked up Troutman's name in a database after the stop and found that Troutman had habitual suspended license offenses against him and placed him under arrest.

"Well, the officer got curious as good officers do and went back around the post office," Johnson said. "And that is when he found an antifreeze container."

When he inspected the container, Johnson said the deputy found individual bags containing 20 grams of ecstasy pills, 44 grams of methamphetamine, 34.6 grams of spice, 7.6 grams of marijuana, and 22 individually hand-rolled cigarettes as well as several small cellphones.

Troutman has been charged with a number of drug-related offenses, including possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and trafficking.

Further investigation revealed that the drugs and cellphones were intended to be smuggled into the Century Correctional Institution in Escambia County.

Johnson said because the prison does not have the capability of a live scan, the Sheriff's Office's arrest was able to stop a major drug smuggling plan.

"You can't get into our jail with drugs like this because you have to have a full body scan."

Johnson said drug trafficking is not common in Santa Rosa County, but added that if convicted the penalties are the same.

"We are going to take your car. We are going to take your money. We are going to take your drugs and we are going to take your freedom."