MILTON — A wedding party of six was arrested Sunday after the members allegedly left the celebration at Bear Lake and burglarized a former school in Milton.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said 26-year-old groomsman Zachary Fuit and 21-year-old bride Abigail Carlson were arrested after they, along with a group celebrating their marriage, went to 11550 Munson Highway and stole electrical breakers from the building, according to arrest reports.

Fuit is listed as a U.S. Marine. Also arrested were U.S. Marines Stephen Pepik, 24; Victor Peres, 21; Zachary Barr, 21; and Colton Patterson, 20. All of those involved were listed as living in different parts of the state.

According to a press release from the Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the school after a witness said several individuals pulled off wooden boards covering a broken window to access the school. The caller said he was inside the building when he heard a loud noise and later saw two vehicles speeding away from the school.

Both vehicles were located shortly after and stopped by deputies and police.

Sheriff's Office Spokesman Rich Aloy said the caller was a caretaker for the building.

Officers found an electrical breaker inside the car, which matched other electrical breakers found on the scene. Carlson told deputies she and the individuals broke into the school and that her new husband took the breaker.

All of the suspects received felony charges for burglary and misdemeanor charges for damage to property/criminal mischief. Fuit received another misdemeanor charge for petit theft.