MILTON — John Bryant has a love of racing that he can only describe as "exhilarating." This exhilarating passion of his earned him one of Southern Raceway's top honors in 2018 when he was named their Track Rookie of the Year.

Bryant said that being given that honor was "pretty awesome" and something he didn't expect.

"I always wanted to be good at something," Bryant said.

Bryant, who is originally from Oklahoma, moved to Milton in 2012. He said he originally didn't know anything about dirt track racing until he was watching his employer and became interested. Finding an old Buick Regal, Bryant said he built a race car from scratch and began racing.

"I got out there and started racing and now I can't get enough of it," said. "It feels like a rush of excitement when you are on that track. There is no other feeling in the world." 

Bryant said when one race is over he is immediately ready for the next one. Since he began racing in late 2017, he has won seven races. Moving forward, Bryant said he hopes to be know wide spread in the racing circuit, moving up in racing classes, traveling, and even going professional someday.

"All you can do is try," he said.

To all young racers, Bryant said the best advice he can give is to just go out and be patient and make sure you can finish a race because unless racers finish a race, they can never learn from mistakes.

Southern Raceway opened in 1988. It is a 3/8-mile dirt oval racing track. They offer Pure Stock, NeSmith Street Stock, Vintage & Open Wheel Modified racing, plus sprints and late model racing on select nights throughout the season.