NAVARRE — John Fowler is a boy who lives next door to Student Transportation of America’s (STA) Navarre school bus terminal in Santa Rosa County.

John is severely autistic but loves school buses. Every day he climbs up in his tree to look over the fence and watch the school buses come and go. He keeps track of which buses are in and out of the yard and even goes so far as to tell STA’s local terminal manager who is or isn't back that should be, according to a news release from the transportation company.

As the school year wrapped up, STA’s team in Navarre presented John with an STI Cares Brand Ambassador goodie bag with all sorts of items —T-shirts, a clipboard, pencils, water bottle, lanyard, and his very own pair of school bus sneakers, which he was most excited about.

Also included with the care package was a letter from Denis Gallagher Jr., STA’s Southeast vice president of operations, asking John to call the STA Navarre terminal when he gets old enough if he would like a job working with school buses.

“All the drivers know ‘the boy in the tree’ since John climbs up the tree every day to watch the school buses," Gallagher said in the news release. "When our local terminal manager, Shay Peek, had told me about John’s love for school buses it seemed only right to make him feel like part of the team.

"We pulled together some gear for him to so he could not only look the part, but perform his task of counting off the buses as they come in and out of the yard. He’s a special boy and we can only hope someone with his passion for what we do can join us in an official capacity once he’s old enough.”