Dear editor,

The Milton city council is currently debating the need for a forensic audit of city accounts in the wake of a guilty plea by Guy Thompson. Thompson was for many years simultaneously mayor of Milton and executive director of Santa Rosa United Way.

In early May, Thompson pled guilty to stealing "over $650,000" for "at least seven years" from United Way, according to news reports.

During that period key members of Milton's city staff were also serving on the United Way board of directors. Those city staffers include the current mayor who was then city attorney,  the current city manager who was then city planner, the city public information officer and the fire chief.

In light of these disturbing connections between the city and United Way, a forensic audit of city finances during at least the latter years of Thompson's tenure is imperative.

Without the audit, Milton will suffer under a cloud of cover up for many years to come.



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