Dear editor,

The Demon-crats accuse Trump of a “cover-up” and falsely accuse him a “dictator.” He’s not! Only God, Hillary and company know how many cover-ups Dems are guilty of. For years the pot has been calling the kettle black!

Pelosi’s “praying for Trump and America.” She should pray Dems do an about-face, commit, cooperate with his agenda, to cease and desist their hell-bent goal to destroy Trump!

I’m convinced he survives, keeps on keeping on, thwarting the vitriolic fiery darts of Satan’s attacks is because he knows God’s praying for him; so says the Bible! So are God-fearing, Christ-honoring Americans. Trump’s “born again.” God knows he loves our military, law enforcement, and country!

God could be “dictating.” Trump’s listening, obeying directions, hence his perseverance in executing his desire and that of all committed, faithful Americans, MAGA!

Victory could result in turning America back to God, her only hope, hallelujah!

God orchestrated America’s discovery founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Thank God for Candace Owens. America needs more like this young, bold African-American debating Harvard philosophy professor, Dr. Cornel West, son of a Baptist minister, radical Democrat Socialist!

Trump’s done more for African-Americans than Obama ever did!

Looking forward to a 2016 repeat miracle, the swift elimination of the plethora of Democratic candidates (now 24), i.e. if I’m still around.

God bless us as only He can. Maranatha





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