PACE — A group of city and county officials, graduate students from the University of West Florida and members of the Blackwater Pyrates recently gathered at the Carpenter's Park boat ramp to celebrate the ribbon cutting for the Blackwater Maritime Heritage trail.

The $35,000 project has a variety of partners working towards this goal. During the dedication the Bagdad Waterfronts Partnership, the Blackwater Pyrates, the University of West Florida, the city of Milton and the Santa Rosa County Grants department were thanked for their help.

The finished project is a set of four kiosks located at four boat launch locations: Carpenter's Park, Russell Harber Landing, Marquee Basin and Bagdad Mill Site Park.

Each kiosk is three-sided and each gives its own type of information. One side depicts a map of the entire maritime trail while it points out where you are physically located. Another side gives you the history of that area. The third tells you about the local flora and fauna.

Donna Tucker of the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce said this was an exciting collaboration. There were civic organizations involved, all levels of government agencies, and academic institutions, including the area's own University of West Florida.

Officials at the maritime trail said they received contributions including $3,600 from federal money for the kiosks, $7,500 from the Santa Rosa TDC, $10,000 from the Florida Costal Institute and $3,500 from the Blackwater Pyrates.

For more information, go to and make sure to check out the virtual tours.