Dear editor,

I'm finally getting around to doing something I meant to do a long time ago — that is commending the Cemetery Board for doing a job well done. The delightful names on signs reminiscent of Biblical ones is so appropriate since cemeteries are "holding places" for bodies of the Heaven-bound.

Having previously served on that Board with Brian Watkins, Bill Bledsoe et al, I'm sure Brian and Bill would "amen" my opinion. They were great supporters of the Cemetery Board. Bill compassionately and faithfully did what he could for years.

Thank God for the volunteers who, for years and to this day, clean it periodically. Years ago we doctors' wives spent a whole day cleaning an old-timey doctor's grave.

I recall wanting a nice fence around the cemetery with shrubbery lining it, but funds were not available — still a good idea, along with erecting a pavilion to enhance the grounds.

Other cemeteries have pavilions; they serve a wonderful purpose. Fundraising is hard work. I've done it since 1963 for many organizations in Escambia and Santa Rosa. Glad to do it, I enjoyed every minute thereof.

Thank God for Pam Mitchell, her board, volunteers, and all supporters. I reiterate job well done! Don't know what the Board's financial situation is, but thanks be unto you in advance for your desire to add the above-mentioned projects when feasible.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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