MILTON — It's been eight months since the Milton branch of Bank of America at 6204 Highway 90 closed its doors leaving the community wondering what will become of the building on Caroline Street just east of Avalon Boulevard.

The branch, which was the only one in the north end of Santa Rosa County, closed in September 2018 due to consolidation needs, according to Mathew Daily, public information officer for BOA. He said at the time of the closing there would be minimal impact to client accounts as they could be accessed at any ATM or BOA financial center. He said there are financial centers within 12 miles of the current branch where customers could go.

Banking centers, Daily said, are being used less often. 

“Many customers are adopting online banking practices and we see that the financial centers are changing," he said. "They are being used for more complex but less frequent needs like retirement planning.”

A transition for employees of the branch, Daily said, led to some moving the the Pensacola branches on Davis Highway and Bayou Boulevard.

Milton resident Liz Barragan stated on Facebook that the closing had caused "a major inconvenience for her having to go to Pensacola for routine banking."

Currently the drive-through ATM at the closed branch still operates for customers for deposit and withdrawals. But if another banking agency or business buys, it could mean another hurdle for BOA customers to complete ATM transactions. According to the BOA website, the only other ATM in north Santa Rosa County is in Pace at 4357 5th Avenue.

Ferris Morrison, public relations officer for the real estate division of BOA, said there are no current updates as to the plans for the branch property.