Dear editor,

We’re living in perilous times! Hate crimes galore, blaming Trump for despicable synagogue shootings, bad “stuff” occurring nationwide!

From east to west, Nadler (D – NY) and Schiff (D – CA) “will meet and plan the next steps” and “going to have to decide as a Democratic caucus what’s best for the country.” What’s best is another Trump election, hallelujah!

Thank God there’s good “stuff” in the Middle East: Trump, many “deplorable” Americans, India, Australia, Italy, et al rejoice in Netanyahu’s re-election in Israel, the “Apple of God’s eye!” Less enthusiastic was Berlin. Why? Because the anti-Christ will be headquartered in the heart of Europe!

I wish more preachers would focus on eschatological signs like more televangelists are.

The ushering in of the 7-year tribulation could be imminent, a tribulation like never before!

So what would believers do in preparation for the imminent second coming of Christ, the world’s only hope? Ratchet up obedience to God’s command to spread the Gospel (Good news)! God is not willing that any should perish but that all should be rescued from Hell, Satan’s goal for all!

The year 2020 approaches. Twenty Democrats are challenging Trump. May God give 20/20 vision to see who some Democrats are and 20/20 vision for all to re-elect Trump. He’s doing a great job!

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!





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