PACE — Books have been stolen from a Little Free Library according to the library’s owner, Naita Peschel.

The library is a box that sits in front of Winn Dixie on State Road 90 across from Hardees. Peschel said the library, which was put up in April of 2018, is in honor of her late husband, Chuck. The rules for the library are take a book, leave a book.

Peschel said someone has been taking all of the books that she has been putting in and leaving it empty.

“Each time I have gone, it has been emptied of the books I put in,” said Peschel. “I first noticed it a month ago ... I went back two days later and the library was empty. It’s never been bone dry until recently.

“I was angry because in my mind someone had taken them to sell,” she added.

Peschel said the process has repeated ever since. The most recent incident happened earlier this week when Peschel put in a dozen books that were gone in less than 24 hours.

“I was so shaken and so upset because I did it on my wedding anniversary,” Peschel said. “I went back yesterday and put a three by five card in the box that said ‘This library was built in honor of my husband, please help me keep it filled’.”

Peschel said she spoke with a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office deputy about the incidents.

“He said in his routine of checking things, he would keep an eye on the library,” said Peschel.

Peschel said the purpose of her library is to gather books for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16 because she has seen very few places with books for that age range.

“The point is if someone is doing this systematically it defeats the point for everyone,” said Peschel. “This has broken my heart because this is something so special for me.

“I am afraid to put anything else in if someone is taking them all,” she added.