MILTON — Kyle Holley, who has been serving as acting administrator of the former United Way of Santa Rosa, has been busy wrapping up the final business of the organization, which includes selling the organization's property.

He has taken time to assess the financial impact to the community — and he said it is startling.

"The total initial impact, estimated, from just one year of funding would be $350,000," Holley said. "And that is just the initial estimate. It could go up."

Over a five-year period, Holley said the loss would be $1.7 million of funding that charities are now at risk of losing. Holley said the five hardest-hit charities were Early Learning Coalition, Family Resource Center, Interfaith Ministries (out of Navarre), Bridges Out Of Poverty and The Arc of the Emerald Coast.

According to a 2018 funds distribution data sheet from Holley, Family Resource Program and Interfaith Ministries were both set to receive approximately $20,000 this year. Holley said that the ELC, which is also federally funded, is going to be impacted because it receives $94 of federal funding for every $6 of local funding raised — a loss of approximately $150,000. 

Kyle said he does not know if the United Way Escambia County will be able to replace all the funding, but he said he is optimistic. He said he was really excited for UWEC to come in and help the community.

"Our board and staff are encouraging donors to make gifts to United Way Escambia County and designate them for use in Santa Rosa," Holley said. 

Kyle said as far as the future of UWSRC, it is pretty clear.

"There will never be a United Way Santa Rosa again," he said.

Holley said right now the company plans to sell the properties, hopefully at a profit and use those funds to aid 18 charities that were designated to receive funding this year.