MILTON — Hobbs Middle School, one of Milton's longest standing schools will hold its golden anniversary on May 4 with a gala celebration. 

Angela Walker, employee with the school district, said the event will include a special social hour for invited guests, including presentations by current and former administrators, teachers, and distinguished guests. Walker said the school would be open to the public for tours at 6 p.m. 

"Whether (you were) part of the first class or most recent class or anywhere between, come see the 2018-2019 version of this beloved school," Walker said.

Former mayor of Milton and Hobs history teacher Wesley Meiss will be be emcee for the evening's event. Meiss said Hobbs was the counties first middle school when it opened in 1968.

"Originally part of an experimental “Pod” design in education, early students and faculty recall the school’s initial operations consisting of large open rooms with accordion style doors that contained cooperative and team style teaching," Meiss said. "Nevertheless, the experiment was short-lived, and the school quickly retrofitted to a more traditional layout."

Meiss said wWood shop and home economics Courses were once part of the school’s early curriculum.

Principal Brandon Koger said he is looking forward to the celebration and hopes the community will join them as they celebrate the anniversary and look forward to the future. 

"Throughout those years, we have always had one goal, that of service to our community and its students," Koger said.  "Looking back over those 50 years, how we achieved this goal certainly has changed."

Koger said when he thinks back on the evolution of the school, he is amazed at the way the school's mission remains constant, despite changes in education.

"Think of how different this current class is from the first class, how much students have changed since 1969," he said. "But, some things still are the same. Our students have always been the cornerstone of our mission, and the passion, commitment, and innovation in service to our students has always been strong."