PACE — What started as an idea of bringing a world-class sports training facility to Pace for the benefit of any athlete, beginner to professional, is a reality and is working at the Clubhouse All Sports Training Facility. This June, the Clubhouse, located at 4805 West Spenser Field Road, will celebrate 18 months in business, and things could not be going better, according to Drew Cumberland, partner and one of the coaches at the Clubhouse.

The owners of the Clubhouse, Jason and Cari Kimbrell are life-long residents of Santa Rosa County and are excited they have opened the region's premier all-sports training facility in the county.

The first thing they did was hire a coaching staff of former collegiate standouts and professional athletes to instruct at the clubhouse. Cumberland played at LSU and played with the San Diego Padres. Bobby Cassevah also played at LSU, and then spent six years with Los Angeles Angels. Aaron Munoz played football at Louisiana Monroe and the University of South Florida. There are many more on the list.

What makes the Clubhouse unique, said Cumberland, is the business can specialize in whatever the athlete needs. They can work on conditioning or technical development in a specific sport.

"For example, two athletes may need a strength-condition program, one plays volleyball the other plays baseball," Cumberland says. "You need to develop individual programs for both because each sport has movements unique to that sport. You are still conditioning but you are concentrating that conditioning to the sport they play."

Another aspect the owners believe that sets the Clubhouse apart is they welcome children.

"We take members from 5 years old to 65," said Cumberland.

The Clubhouse has after-school programs for kids even picking students up, in some cases, from the school and bringing them to the Clubhouse, which also has a summer camp program.

For the adults, the Clubhouse has soccer and softball leagues.

Memberships vary in prices depending on the sport. However, you do not have to be member. You can buy a day pass, which also has different costs for different sports. There are outdoor and indoor fields and volleyball courts. The inside of the complex can be configured for most types of athletic events.

The Clubhouse has kitchen facilities and dining areas. Their game and party rooms are equipped with ping-pong tables and large-screen televisions.

The facility sits on a two-acre lot and was originally supposed to be 9,600 square feet. By the end of the project, the building had doubled in size to 20,000 square feet. The first floor of the building houses the large, open areas for pitching, batting practice, tumbling and soccer. The second floor is where the heavy lifting happens, the weight-room.

Cumberland invites everyone to come by for a visit. It is not unusual for local professional athletes to work out at the Clubhouse, most recently Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs.

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