MILTON — Historic Imogene Theatre will be hosting a free, public event at 6:30 p.m. on May 1 entitled "The Connected Streets of Milton."

Vernon Compton, board member of the Historical Society, said the presentation will discuss the history of Milton's downtown street and how the connected street network helps to minimize traffic congestion, provide transportation choices, support local businesses, and improve the quality of place in Milton and towns and cities across the country.    

"The historic street network of downtown Milton provides the foundation for a strong community and economy," Compton said. "Milton's downtown rectilinear street grid mirrors that of most of America's towns and cities laid out prior to World War II, and is a source of strength for the town."

Presenting at the event will be Christian Wagley, who Compton said is an advocate for communities designed for people. Wagley currently works for Healthy Gulf, formerly known as Gulf Restoration Network, and is co-author of the upcoming book Green by Design, with Andres Duany and Senen Antonio.

Wagley said he wanted to do this presentation because he knew Milton wants to build a better down town and he wants to share some of the history and benefits he has learned about the connected streets of smaller cities.

"I'm an advocate for cities that are walkable," Wagley said. "That's something Milton has already, especially downtown. You get into some of these bigger cities and streets deaden and there is a lot of traffic congestion."