MILTON — A search warrant led to an arrest of a woman, for drug trafficking, and a man, who was unrelated to the warrant but walked up to deputies in the yard while carrying drugs in his pocket.

On Tuesday, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office deputies were reading a search warrant to detainees at a home on Cherub Circle when Jennifer Campbell, 36, pulled into the driveway. When searching the home, deputies found several empty baggies and digital scales in a bedroom where Campbell allegedly stayed. A plate with meth on it was also found in the bedroom, Campbell's arrest report said.

After being read her Miranda rights, Campbell told the deputies she didn't know about the meth. She also admitted to being a "junkie," the arrest report said.

Deputies then searched the front of the bedroom where around 30 grams of meth, 30 grams of heroin, 7 oxycodone pills and 5 grams of marijuana were found in a pink lock box along with other commonly used drug paraphernalia. A can was also found with 30 grams of meth. Mail addressed to Campbell was found in the same room, the report said.

In Campbell's purse, deputies found a notebook with "boi" and "girl" prices listed, "boi" being a common street name for heroin, the Sheriff's Office said.

Two witnesses later testified that they were at the residence to buy heroin from Campbell, the report said.

On the same night, Jimmy Phillips, 42, walked onto the property at Cherub Drive as deputies were completing the search warrant. Phillips walked up to two deputies wearing visible badges and vests and said he was there to see Campbell, Phillip's arrest report said.

Deputies then told Phillips to put his hands on his head and began searching him. Phillips was forced to the ground because he continued to pull away from the deputies. Around 2 grams of meth was found in Phillip's pocket, the report said.

Phillips was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance without prescription and resisting an officer without violence. He was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail with a bond amount of $5,500.

Campbell was charged with possession of a control substance without prescription, trafficking in heroin, and trafficking in meth. She was booked into the county jail with a bond amount of $101,000.