MILTON — Discover the unique medium of PanPastels while creating Spring Flowers. The Santa Rosa Art Association meets Saturday, April 27 at at 9 a.m. at Pensacola State College Milton campus in building 4800.

Join Heather Mitchell as she demonstrates how this versatile medium is used, and how it can be supplemented with colored pencils, pastel pencils or pastels. PanPastels are pressed powder pastel pigments, which are easily applied without the loose dust commonly associated with soft pastels. Application and blending sponges will be provided.

All members and guest are encouraged to bring:

any photo or live flower (non-allergenic, please) for reference
any pastel paper or textured paper
any colored pencils, pastel pencils or soft pastels
paper towel
a few sheets of regular paper
graphite pencil
eraser (white or kneaded)
blending stump or tortillion