MILTON — Two local aviation professionals, Lt.j.g. Jessica R. Fromularo and Ensign Alexander K. Dinelli, received their Wings of Gold at Naval Air Station Whiting Field March 22 after completing helicopter flight school, a challenging training regimen, with Training Air Wing Five.

They will both move on to new assignments with the Navy for advanced flight training to learn their specific aircraft and to serve in operational squadrons.

Naval Air Station Whiting Field, home of Training Air Wing Five, is the backbone of Naval Aviation Training, supporting approximately 60 percent of all primary fixed-wing flight training and 100 percent of all initial helicopter training for the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

NAS Whiting Field is the busiest aviation complex in the world with roughly 1 million flight operations flown at the installation annually. It is comprised of two main airfields and 12 Navy Outlying Landing Fields across four counties in Southeast Alabama and Northwest Florida.

Training Air Wing Five flies an estimated 43 percent of the chief of Naval Air Training Command's total flight time and more than 15 percent of Navy and Marine Corps' flight time worldwide. More than 1,200 personnel receive their essential flight training through TRAWING Five annually.