MILTON — Anytime Fitness has a full range of exercise classes for any age and fitness level. One of the most popular classes caters to a more experienced clientele — Silver Fitness.

Zach Beagle is a trainer at the gym and leads most of the Silver Fitness classes. His background is in physical therapy. He has been a trainer for five years, three of them at Anytime Fitness. The age range for these classes is early 50s to 90s, with the the oldest at 93, Beagle said.

"I'm honest with people," he said. "I encourage them to go at their own pace."

Working out at one's own pace is a repeated slogan throughout the gym and at the bottom of every class schedule.

Beagle sets his level of fitness for his classes to average so most people can make it through his class. Once he gets a core group coming back on a regular basis, he can structure the class to meet their collective fitness level. He also sees private clients.

"The goals of the class are to build strength and functionality, balance and flexibility," Beagle said.

He pays attention to his clients’ body language, often sensing issues by their movements.

Bill and Judy Timbie, retirees from the mortgage business, have attended several classes a week for more than a year.

"We knew we needed to move our bodies around a bit," Bill Timbie said.

The Timbies became interested when they found out their health insurance could cover the cost of membership and class fees. They went to one of Beagle's classes, and after five minutes of watching Beagle told Timbie, "You can't sit there and watch; you've got to move."

Silver Fitness classes at 6568 Caroline St. in Milton are scheduled twice a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Beagle said nearly 50 people attend. Classes are also scheduled three times a day on Tuesdays and Thursday's and are smaller.

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