MILTON — While Back on the Rack has served the Milton community for the past two years, owner Judi Ashline said she will close the boutique on April 12 unless she receives a miracle.

Ashline said she opened the shop in 2017 after moving to Milton from Miami. The shop's beach motif reflects the style of Miami.  

"I was under a non-compete clause with my previous career so I opened this store," she said. "When I decided to go back to work (in health care) I didn't want to close it, so I kept it going."

Ashline said business was going fine until last October when the government shutdown happened. After October, she said business continued to steadily drop.

"The bottom just dropped out," she said.

In an attempt to salvage her business, she said she tried advertising in various outlets including radio and local papers. She said when she announced she would close with an original closing date of March 29, she put all merchandise on sale for 70 percent off.

Ashline said she did well in March and is now reconsidering whether to close the store.

"I would love to stay open," she said. "I have two wonderful employees and this is very much a community place. People will come in and sit and visit."

Ashline said she feels blessed to have her landlord, whom she calls the "best on the planet." She said she does have some concerns that the location of the store is not ideal as it sits far off the road and is not easily seen.

If she does stay open, she might consider a different location.

"Right now we are circling the drain, Ashline said. "I just don't know."

She thanked the community for its support and said she will stay open during her regular hours until April 12. Then she will make her final decision about closing.

Back on the Rack is at 6423 Caroline St. It's open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.