MILTON — One of the responsibilities of the mayor is to appoint members of City Council to special committees.

And according to Mayor Heather Lindsay, "It makes sense for the mayor to do it.” 

City Council, however, questioned one of Lindsay's appointments, the first time the council has questioned a mayoral appointment in over six years.

Discussions began in March on who should be Tourist Development Council representative for the city following a suggestion by Councilwoman Sharon Holley, the current appointee to the TDC, that Councilman George Jordan, her alternate for the committee, be named as the representative because Jordan was able to make more meetings at the present time.

Councilman Jeff Snow made the suggestion to appoint Councilwoman Shannon Rice, a county employee who takes minutes at the TDC meetings, as the new appointee. Snow said he believed as a county employee who takes minutes for the TDC meetings, she was the most qualified for the position.

Jordan said he felt the mayor should have the final decision on appointments and the council should support it.

“I believe each and every elected council member here, by right of being elected by the citizens of Milton, is unquestionably qualified to sit on any committee or board," Jordan said.

Lindsay said she was confident in choosing Holley because she is a retired city employee and has been a voice for the city. She said she didn’t think of Rice at the time because she was a county employee and thought it would be a conflict of interest. 

“I gave careful consideration to the process and how I appointed people," Lindsay said. "More people supported Councilwoman Holley (in the 2018 elections) than any other contestant. We benefit when there is a strong voice for Milton on the TDC ... because Mrs. Rice is a county employee I certainly wouldn’t want her to be put in a position where she would feel she would have to disagree with her bosses." 

Council voted to accept Lindsay's appointment of Holley to remain as the TDC representative with three nay votes by Snow, Rice and councilwoman Heather Hathaway.