MILTON — The board chairman of the former United Way of Santa Rosa County has been arrested for allegedly withdrawing more than $3,000 from the organization's bank account.

The first incident occurred March 8 when David Willhoit, 41, allegedly withdrew $2,000 from the organization's bank account at the United Bank in Milton. Testimony from the teller stated that Willhoit said the money was for attorney fees, according to his arrest report provided by the Milton Police Department.

The second incident occurred March 11 when Willhoit allegedly withdrew another $1,200 from the organization's bank account. A witness stated he signed the withdrawal slip and verified his identity with his license. Both incidents were captured on surveillance cameras, the arrest report said.

Willhoit was arrested around 4 p.m. Monday on two counts of grand theft and taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail.

Kyle Holley, acting administrator of the organization, filed a complaint to the Milton Police Department that he received an "unusual call" from the bank's branch manager asking about two cash withdrawals.

"These withdrawals were not approved by me as the administrator, and at the time I had no supporting direction from the board regarding these deposits," Holley's statement said in the arrest report.

Holley added that bills are typically paid with checks that go through administrative approval. He said Willhoit stated he would refund the money, but had not as of March 14, the report said.

"The United Way of Santa Rosa County Board of Directors filed a complaint with the Milton Police Department regarding two unauthorized actions by a board member," Holley said in a provided statement. "These actions are completely separate from the subject of the ongoing FBI investigation. The Board of Directors of the United Way of Santa Rosa County coordinated with the entire investigative team to ensure there would be no impact from these events on the FBI investigation or the forensic audit the UW Board ordered in October 2018."

Willhoit was elected board chairman in January. He was asked to resign March 13.

The former United Way is under an FBI investigation after a self-audit found irregularities last fall. An internal investigation by an independent firm led to the termination of three employees, including Administrator Guy Thompson.