MILTON — The Santa Rosa County School Board has approved a summer STEAM Camp program for fifth- and eighth-graders to be held at Woodlawn and Hobbs Middle schools.

STEAM is an interdisciplinary teaching method and an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

In a memo to the board, Jeffery Baugus, the district coordinator for math and science, said the camps would pose problems to small student groups. The groups would then try to find solutions through hypotheses that are confirmed through scientific testing.

There will be no cost to attend the camps, which will be offered at both schools from June 17-21 and July 8-12. County teachers will staff the camps, which will run Monday through Friday.

Baugus expects the camps will draw a total of 400 students.

"The experience will be designed to foster excitement in STEAM-related fields of study," Baugaus said in his memo.

Baugus said the camps will include the use of flying drones to conduct missions. The drones would be provided to schools and teachers will receive training on ways to use them to continue to support the STEAM initiatives.

Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick said the camps are a good idea and a great way to incorporate education into a summer camp experience.

"I am always excited to bring this to our students and faculty," He said.

School board chairwoman Carol Boston said she has visited a STEAM camp before and encouraged the board members to move forward with it.

Additional camps details, such as registration information, will be determined at future meetings.