MILTON — Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., attended the March 15 ribbon cutting ceremony of the Life Options Clinic at its new location on 5775 Berryhill Road.

The nonprofit, volunteer, faith-based group used to be called the Pregnancy Resource Center of Milton. They still provide all the pro-life services they did before, but felt that the new name was a better fit for their mission.

During his remarks, Gaetz said the United States is promoting a culture of life again under President Trump's leadership.

"We don't use taxpayer money from our country to go promote abortion around the world anymore," Gaetz said. "And I think that does a lot to solidify American moral leadership in the world."

Gaetz also said he's proud of Gov. Ron DeSantis for taking a liberal State Supreme Court and making it one of the most conservative state supreme courts in the country.

"I think (the conservative court) will open the possibility to celebrate life more and to have policies that are reflective of the values of Floridians," Gaetz said.

The clinic is in a newly remodeled building that combines all of their services in one location for families — and it is all free.

"We serve anyone who is pregnant or parenting and would like to participate in our programs. Our services are available free of charge to anyone regardless of age, race, religion, marital status, or income," said Cindy Roberts, executive director of the Life Options Clinic.

"Abortion is a terrible outcome and to celebrate life I think we need places like the Life Options Center to help show people that giving life a chance is really the right option in these cases, and so I think we promote that culture by setting up places like this for people to get more information," Gaetz said.

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