CRESTVIEW — The Bar Strength & Conditioning gym of Milton hosted Bending the Bar - Volume III Feb. 23 and 24 at the Crestview Community Center.

Director for the United States Powerlifting Association-sanctioned event was John Micka, from Revolution Fitness gym in Hattisburg, Mississippi.

Powerlifters came from Florida, California, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Hawaii to participate.

Best Lifters

Junior Women Raw: Patrisha Sparks, Florida

Open Women Raw: Kelsey Engstrom, Florida

Junior Men Raw: Devon Overall, Florida

Open Men Raw: Devon Overall, Florida

Master Men Raw: George Felt, Florida

There were many winners in all age groups, weight classes and amount of weight lifted for squat, bench and dead lift.

First place winners were:

•Giselle Guerrero, Skylar Anderson, Patrisha Sparks, Lyrica MacDonald, Dani Brown, Elizabeth Ribaudo, Alyssa Seale, Lauren Cabrera, Kelsey Engstrom, Alicia Fish, Kristin Simandi, Amy Tucker, Kim Featherstone.

•Leonardo Villarreal Jr., Jason Lambert, Devin Pham, Jake Gaston, Zack Riley, Ethan Featherstone, Devon Overall, Jarrett Byrd, David Knight, Tony Huynh, Brandon Rocha, Casey Mcgee, Ulyses Gonzalez, Aaron Clark, Charles Phillipps.

•Jeromie Goggin, Thomas Goodale, Mike Nixon, George Felt, Sam Khan, Jason Benson, Maurice Zapata, Lauren Zdon, Persephonie Vigil, Jennifer Mitchell, Anthony Reyes, Jason Zdon, Ryan Butler, Paul Beck, Ken Jones.

•Victoria Pierce, Anthony Ford, Ronald Deale, Michael Flounlacker, David Patterson, Michael Suzuki, Dylan Soriano, Nic Oliver, Greg     Brown, Tom Morgan, Mike Frizzell, Edie Morgan, Audrey Lucas, Colleen Beck, Sam Khan.

•Nicholas Feran, Duane Cummings, Michael Franklin, Stephen Cooper, Danny Nguyen, Patrick Lambert, Victoria Pierce. 

Event organizers would also like to thank sponsors The Bar, Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, Total Big Athletics, Max Fit Nutrition, Crestview and Pace, Not a Cool Kid Tattoo, and Mark Gilmore, used car salesperson at MacKenzie Buick, Milton.

They would also like to thank supporting gyms for the use of their equipment: Revolution Fitness, Strong Inc., Black Sheep Barbell, and 98 Community gym.