MILTON — A HOPE for Santa Rosa County, a pet assistance organization, is seeking land or a building donation to use for a clinic.

In a HOPE media release, spokesperson Paige Cary stated, "Our low cost spay/neuter transport to Operation Spay Bay in Panama City has become so popular that we are booked to capacity (50 animals) every two weeks and are booked out through March.

"Believe me, this is a good problem to have as our community is embracing the idea that getting pets and community cats fixed is a big part of the solution to overpopulation and high euthanasia rates at our shelter."

Cary stated, "The need has been established. Over 1000 animals have been transported and spayed/neutered in the last 18 months. Brandi took 50 animals today, 44 cats and 6 dogs. Just imagine what those numbers would be if we could do that in our county every week."

Requirements are:

a Santa Rosa County location, preferably in the north end.
donated or low-cost land, or a substantial donation to purchase a property.

Contact or 850-382-8106 to help.