Dear editor,

Newsflash: Three of our members hoping to express our concerns, went to this morning's meeting [Feb. 25] at the county commissioner's board room. The parking lot was filled with builder's and contractor's trucks and the meeting hall was jammed with members of the local building industry — i.e, — contractors affiliated with the Home Builders' Association. Most all of them were wearing red T-shirts with the message "Houses Equal Jobs."

In other words, the hall was rigged by invitation from the zoning tsars to favor builders and contractors — many of whom, we have been told — were given unlimited time to express their need to build more and more homes, or lose their way of making a living.

They do have a point, but so do we. Every new house means more cars on the main roads, and most likely some new students added to our dismally inadequate educational infrastructure.

During the meeting, the commissioners made sure that our speakers were given very little time to express their concerns, before the meeting was closed. What this means, neighbors, and fellow members of SRC Voters Against Overcrowded Roads & Schools, is that your zoning commissioner Sam Parker, District 1 and Don Salter, District 3, have just made it clear to all of us who are suffering from ultra rapid growth without any attention paid to infrastructure capacities, that they have just taken sides in this political battle — your zoning commissioners are for the developers and builders and are against you, the people who reside in Santa Rosa County.

We told you at our first meeting just a few days ago that the only chance we have to slow down rapid growth and attend to our sorely inadequate infrastructure is to leverage the power of our unified voice — our votes — against those elected leaders who have abandoned our needs in favor of rapid growth at any cost.

If you are as outraged by this latest move to rig a public meeting as I am, it's time to join our rightful cause and help us distribute our literature on the value of impact fees and our petition to stop all growth until our failing infrastructure is corrected. Neighbors, this is OUR fight now, and I welcome your comments and suggestions!



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