TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of State is seeking applications for the 2019-2020 Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Program. Expert practitioners of traditional art forms and persons with a strong commitment to learning and preserving folk arts are encouraged to apply before the May 15 deadline.

The program provides a stipend and funds for supplies. Masters and apprentices must apply as a team by submitting a joint application. The Florida Folklife Council will review applications and recommend apprenticeship teams to the Secretary of State. The selected teams will be announced this August.

The program creates opportunities for apprentices to study traditional arts with recognized master artists.

Traditional arts are expressions of shared community identity that reflect the values and aesthetics of the groups that practice them.

The "program provides opportunities for master artists to pass down valuable and culturally relevant skills and techniques,” said Secretary of State Laurel Lee said. “This process of sharing traditional knowledge is vital to ensuring the preservation of our state’s diverse folk culture.” 

Interested applicants should contact State Folklorist Amanda Griffis at 850-245-6427 or 800-847-PAST. Visit flheritage.com/preservation/folklife/apprenticeship for program guidelines and applications.

Since 1984, the program has supported more than 185 apprenticeships in a variety of Florida living traditions including various styles of music, dance, crafts, festival arts and occupations.