Dear editor,

Regarding "climate change," and the creation of carbon dioxide, lets examine nature's equation for both carbon dioxide (CO2), and oxygen (O).

Oxygen exists in two ways in the atmosphere, what is known as free oxygen (O), and what is captured oxygen. Captured oxygen is all the oxygen atoms tied to other atoms such as hydrogen (H2O) for water, and humidity being nature's factors for rain. Nature's creation of CO2 requires fire being a form of combustion giving off carbon monoxide (CO) that immediately attracts a free oxygen atom to become CO2. So nature's equation for both an element (O) and a compound (CO2) is O + fuel source + ignition = fire = CO + O = CO2 + plant life (photosynthesis) = O or O2 being two atoms of oxygen.

Animal and human life also give off CO2 as a byproduct of respiration. The important part of nature's equation is CO2 + plant life = O. Democrats focus just on CO2 to regulate business while ignoring plant habitats producing oxygen. Massively adding CO2 or removing CO2 consuming habitat producing O from the equation affects the CO2, habitat, and oxygen measurements.

Human needs for basic goods such as food and clothing are eclipsed by the destroyed habitat for shelters (cities, homes, etc.), roads, vehicles, retail stores, phones, TVs, etc., with all requiring space and power for factories to produce such goods leaving a carbon footprint. As the world's population (1950 - 2.556 billion) continually grows (2020 - 7.584 billion), and so does (supply & demand) its needs and wants (increasing that carbon print) that continually diminish nature's habitat.

Less human life has less of an impact on nature's habitat. So is the other side of nature's own equation being the destruction of plant life, and is habitat more of a threat to human life than carbon dioxide? Absolutely!

As human population goes unchecked with out-of-date beliefs that humans control everything, it is a growing population causing a greater carbon footprint. Green energy is the same lie as Obamacare by never addressing the real issues to solve any problem. 



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