PACE — Santa Rosa County's historic Floridatown Park is now available for a wider variety of users after county renovations totaling $350,000.

Enhancements to the park include ADA accessibility improvements, renovations to the restrooms, and construction of an ADA-compliant playground, picnic pavilion, two half-basketball courts and a walking path. Repairs were also made to the boat ramp boarding pier.

"We are excited to open another all-inclusive facility for our residents and their families," Santa Rosa County Commissioner Sam Parker said. "I truly do think this park will be utilized by people of all ages."

Parker said Floridatown Park is a recorded site with historical significance, and all construction activities were monitored by a professional archaeologist. He said artifacts uncovered during construction included pottery shards, glass beads, coins, kaolin pipe fragments and buttons from the Native, European and Early American Periods.

"Educational signage describing three significant periods in history will be installed at the park at a later date," he said.

A combination of local option sales tax dollars and District I recreation funds as well as a grant from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program funded the project.

"Thank you to all our local citizens who voted for our local options sales tax which helped make these great renovations possible," Parker said.