MILTON —  Will Milton residents see wings on downtown walls, a free-standing, painted cube or both? Milton council is considering these alternatives following the Feb. 4 proposal of two art projects.

"Wings Over Milton" would feature wings painted on walls downtown, while "Milton Cubed" would feature art on a free-standing cube.

Wings received favor with the council. Council members voted Feb. 4 to move it forward. They will continue discussing Milton Cubed at the Committee of the Whole meeting, Feb. 21 at 3 p.m.

The nonprofit Main Street Milton proposed Milton Cubed, according to City Manager Randy Jorgenson. The project involves the installation of a large cube with murals painted on its faces, in part serving as photo-ops for visitors. According to the proposal, the project is based on "Cubed," a 12-day mural installation and public art performance in Pensacola.

"Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site has acquired a cube and would like to share it with us," Jorgenson said.

The city would work with artists and schools to help complete designs for the cube. The cube's installation downtown would "provide exciting public art that ties attractions and historical sites together," the proposal said.

Jorgenson said the project would cost approximately $3,000 to complete.

Councilwoman Shannon Rice asked if the Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation and the Main Street events coordinator would be involved.

Main Street proposed the project, Jorgenson said, and so would be involved and council could see if the Foundation would take part as well.

Councilman Casey Powell moved to send the topic to the Committee of the Whole in light of council moving forward with the "Wings Over Milton" project.

"I really like this project," he said. "I just think that since we are moving forward with the other project we should continue this in committee for now."