MILTON — The new Three-Mile Bridge connecting Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties may be named after Pensacola native son General Daniel "Chappie" James Jr. The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution Feb. 11 supporting the proposal.

Cris Dosev presented to the Commission the idea of the bridge's renaming two weeks ago. Dosev, who ran for congress last November has spearheaded the movement.

Dosev has been trying to get resolutions passed by Santa Rosa County, Escambia County, and Gulf Breeze. He has until Feb. 22, to get the results back to the state legislative delegation.

Pensacola had already passed a resolution 6 to 1. Dosev has votes scheduled on Feb. 21, for Escambia County, and he has the resolution on the agenda for Gulf Breeze on Feb. 17.

Some members of the James family were in Pensacola celebrating at gala events this week. Today would have been the general's 99th birthday.

James' youngest son, Claude James, from New Mexico was here along with grandchildren Britt, from Texas and Ryan Norwood James from Washington. Commissioner Salter thanked the family for attending the meeting and welcomed them to the county.

"I'm extremely sensitive to veteran’s issues," Salter said. He spoke about how all veterans are important and talked about the loss of a brother in Vietnam.

"I'll make a resolution in support of the naming of the new Three-mile Bridge from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze in honor of our native son Four-Star General Chappie James," Salter said. Commissioner Bob Cole seconded the motion. The Commission voted on the spot and the resolution passed unanimously.


During the same meeting, United Way acting administrator Kyle Holley gave an update on the Westgate Mobile Home Park. According to Holley, the women that owned their mobile homes have moved and are out of the trailer park. There are still two families that previously did not need assistance, but now need help to move.

Holley said the total cost to date of the Westgate project cost the United Way of Santa Rosa County $24,000. Of that amount, donations paid for $18,700. The rest came from United Way Disaster funds.

Today the Westgate property went into foreclosure auction. Santa Rosa County made a bid of $180,000 and secured the purchase.

County Administrator Dan Schebler said that the county tried to buy the property about five years ago but the price was $370,000. The money came from a fund used for easement issues in the areas around Naval Air Station Whiting Field.