Dear editor,

It’s once again "Black History Month," and I would like to ring my freedom bell in a failed America. The American country has had nothing but problems since white men came to this part of the world with lies, racism, raping and guns.

The history books that are written by white men glorify almost all of the evilness that has been done proudly toward first the Indians and then the people of color (blacks). The Indians befriended the white men who were put out of their countries, but only to be betrayed and killed because of covetousness. And that money greedy beat still goes on.

And as for the black man, I’ve heard lots of ignorant white people say that it was black people who "sold" others to white men, but the evil white man had the ship to carry out the heinous act to start slavery.

However, America hasn’t "come a long way," as most people tend to say. It’s just that white America has gotten wiser in its cunning games.

Now let’s look at the wall con that 98 percent of white America wants to go up. Most of white America are racist walls. So, why a wall to control others when you’re out of control with hateful stupidity? White people are more spread out than any race in the world — even in China, selling land and deceiving for gain. Why should I have to be careful of how I express my opinion? And what white America fails to realize is that the more hate it puts out, the more it will lose control.

Allow me to pose this question: Why is it that white America wants black people, and most other people to conform to every way of a white man, but still won’t allow people of color to have and hold everything on an equal level as a white man?

Isn’t that a double standard by a perfect white man society?

White America has failed by its very own constitution. Most of everything in it has been denied toward its own people of color in this country. And it really hasn’t gotten better, just a bandage on it by a bunch of undercover racists who will forever live in denial of their black hearts of bigotry, only to pass it on to the next generation of upcoming hinderers for success in the lives of people of color, even the Indians.

So, let’s allow "Black History Month" to reflect on a racist, white America that still yet has failed its own people of color, and Indians, for as long as there has been a history of these un-united states. God honors the truth and righteousness.



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