MILTON — Want to give your friends wings? You'll be able to do just that in pictures, that is if the Wings Over Milton project comes to fruition.

After discussions and revisions to the proposal, Milton City Council has approved moving the project forward.

Proposed Jan. 17 and approved Feb. 4, the project will be open to all local artists. City manager Randy Jorgenson said it would resemble the Global Angel Wings Project, the 2012 brainchild of Los Angeles artist Collete Miller. She painted human-sized angel wings on walls in L.A. creating a background for photographers and anyone with a camera to give their subjects wings.

Councilwoman Shannon Rice originally said she was not in favor of the project saying it lacked originality and had religious overtones. After city staff brought back the proposal removing reference to Miller's project Rice said she was, "really happy to see the changes." Rice she said she would still like to see something original and unique for the city in the future.

Councilman Jeff Snow said he felt artists would have different ideas about what wings could be, and he did not feel religious overtones would be a problem. 

Rice said she was also concerned with the project's funding. Since funds would come from Natural Gas of Milton dollars, she said she was concerned it would appear as just a promotional gimmick.

"I want it to be something where a natural resource is giving back to the community," Rice said.

Jorgenson said Rice had previously shared her concerns with him and he supported them. He said staff would work to ensure the source funding would reflect the project's community nature. And the cost? According to Jorgenson, $1,500.

A contest is also part of the project. With property owners' consent, artists will paint wings in various places around the city. An as-yet-to-be-named body will choose the best painting and award $500 to the artist.