Dear editor,

Seniors, I’m sure you recognize that as we age we are all randomly encountering new health challenges. One of my new experiences was related to morning balance. 

About a year ago, when I rolled out of bed, as I stood up, my head felt heavy, like I was being pulled toward a wall. I put my hand out to prop against the nearest wall pause for a few seconds before I dared to take any steps. I then cautiously moved into the living room and sat on the couch. There I noticed it seemed like the features in the room were ‘moving’. This was an ‘eye only’ phenomenon --- looked like wallpaper was moving, curtains were moving, rug was moving, etc. I wasn’t dizzy and the room wasn’t moving, but features of the room seemed to be moving.

So, I closed my eyes to fend off any nausea feelings and within a couple of minutes, with eyes re-opened the movement had slowed. A few minutes later my eyes worked normally and the movements had ended. 

This sequence happened a few times and eventually I also encountered some actual dizziness associated with it. When the dizziness came, I noticed some stuffed sinuses at the same time. [Seeing a doctor lead to a prescription of Meclizine for the dizziness, if and when it occurred, and a nasal decongestant, Flonase, for the sinuses, if they were stuffed]. Awhile later, after a short vertigo incident (room spinning with colored circles), I had had enough.

What was going on? Time for some serious introspection and seriously looking at my diet, schedule, medicines, habits….etc. My questioning to myself went like this. Was it a circulation issue? (blood pressure)? Was it a hydration issue? Was it a muscle issue? Was it a pinched nerve issue? Was it a sleep issue? Was it a medication issue? Or, was it an age only issue? No one doctor could connect the dots for me. So, not being a doctor myself, here’s what ‘worked’ for me.

I became aware of a connection between intestinal activity and the dizziness. So, I added a daily soft-stool pill and the dizziness got minimal. I doubled my daily intake of water and eliminated my HCTZ prescription (water drainer) and my dizziness went away. I added some Omega 3 and Aged Garlic extracts to my daily repertoire along with a daily vitamin and some ginkgo biloba, and some extra Vitamin B complex. My blood pressure stabilized at about 130/78. Now, I don’t know what I’ve really done, but I’ve had no symptoms related to balance, or dizziness issues for the last 6 months and I have more energy.

All this to say, take charge of your health.  Only you know you best. Good Luck.



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