A Florida man who thought he was stealing opioids wound up with laxatives instead, police say. 

Peter Hans Emery Jr., 69, was caught on surveillance video taking a handful of pills from a bottle he found inside a lockbox, according to Tampa TV station WTVT. The incident happened at a home in Pinellas Park. 

The label on the bottle indicated it contained hydrocodone, but The Smoking Gun said it actually was filled with store-brand laxatives from Walmart. 

Emery allegedly took two of the pills and quickly realized he’d made a mistake, tossing the rest in the trash. 

A police report obtained by The Smoking Gun indicates Emery fished two of the pills out of the trash when confronted by officers. 

Emery, who has a criminal record, is facing a felony charge. He was on probation at the time of his arrest.