Dear editor,

Methamphetamine has become almost as big of a problem for our society as opioids and benzos. While the overall drug crisis is going "full steam ahead," it’s easy to forget about meth when much of the country’s attention is on Big Pharma and the fentanyl problem. Some addiction professionals believe meth has become increasingly popular because it’s being viewed as a "safer" alternative to pills and heroin, since fatal overdoses occur less frequently with methamphetamine abuse. Meth is not safe to use, by any means. Each toxic chemical used to make meth would kill a person if ingested by itself, not to mention that meth use can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and psychosis.

As meth abuse has gained popularity, those smuggling the drug into the United States have become craftier in getting the drug through our borders. Most recently, a huge meth bust found the drug in the form of pressed tablets, some even resembling children’s vitamins!

It’s a scary time we live in and now. More than ever, we have to be vigilant in our fight against the drug crisis.

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