Dear editor,

Now it’s 2019, and the 60-day window between the elections and the new congress has come to an end. During this 60-day window, the President has been trying to digest the blue wave as best he can. This has been a wild time for his behavior as a caged lion. His end-of-the-year rantings and ravings included shutting down the war in Syria; shutting down the government; and threatening to shut down the southern border of America.

Domestic behavior in 2017 and 2018 included his attempts to shut down our faith in the American press, shut down the American rule of law (by discrediting the entire judicial system), shut down the perception that any Democrat might be good for America (since they are to blame for everything). He has shut down confidence in the old Republican Party of integrity. Now, Republicans are only good if they are images of him and pass laws the way he dictates them to do. 

International behavior included his attempt to shut down belief in global warming, and shut down belief in the need to keep the environment clean. He has shut down the international perception of America to our allies by pulling out of treaties and showing them that we are for America first and our allies last. He has shut down honest negotiations on trade by unilaterally imposing tariffs to force people to come to the bargaining table.

I guess we are supposed to say, "Please, Mr. President, stop all these shut downs. You were right. We can’t stand all this winning." 

Finally, Mr. President, if and when you finally perfect the ‘Art of the Shut Down’ I wonder if it will include shutting down your computer, and shutting down your mouth. Although, it may be too late to prevent your being shut-in after the Mueller report is completed next month!



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