Dear editor,

The past year has been a strong one for growth in our economy, both nationally and here in Florida.

We can continue to do more, particularly to ensure that we have the right elements in place to keep job growth strong. One of the things that is critical to job growth and businesses is fast internet speeds. Because internet access is so tied to the ways we live and work, this has become an essential part of starting, owning, or running a business.

The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint means that we can move up to the next generation of wireless technology. Called 5G, for the fifth generation of wireless advances, it will bring internet speeds that will seem to be almost instant — allowing HD TV and video streaming without hitches and making things like telemedicine a reality.

The last big change in wireless technology, 4G, provided the foundation to build and grow some of the mobile internet’s most popular companies. These firms are now household names. Lyft, Netflix, Amazon — all benefitted from our ability to surf the internet quickly on mobile devices. They also created many new jobs. 5G will do this too. It is in our interest to support this merger and the fast, 5G network it will bring with it.



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