Dear editor, 

Presley Harper's Dec. 4th letter using the words "impotent - and I don't mean physically impotent" is a new low for Presley. The fact he used that wording was his leftist Democrat "innuendo" insult without him actually saying it. Instead of claiming Presley's letter is "impotent", as turnaround is fair play, I will say it is ineffective or inadequate of facts and reality.

Obama was ineffective regarding his own red line in Syria and other places of Vladimir Putin's Russian aggression. Trump was effective with the 50 launched cruise missiles, and Trump's effective list continues to grow despite leftist "resist Trump" Democrats and progressive "never Trump" Republicans.

The last Florida legislative majority-controlled redistricting was in 2012 but was later (after 2014 and two 13th Congressional District House elections) challenged by the minority Democrats to the Second Judicial Circuit in Tallahassee and upheld by Judge Terry Lewis.

Later, without either side coming to an agreement, the Florida Supreme Court sided 5-2 with the minority Democrats to redraw that district just in time for the 2016 elections. Remarkably Judge Terry Lewis was appointed by (D) Governor Lawton Chiles. The Florida Supreme Court has seven Justices with three whose terms end on Jan. 8, 2019. Two of these Justices were also appointed by Chiles with the third Justice co-appointed by Chiles and progressive "never Trump" (R) Jeb Bush. Three more Justices were appointed by progressive Republican Governor Charlie Christ and the last was appointed by Republican Rick Scott.

Now guess who won the 2016 13th Congressional District House seat over progressive "never Trump" Republican and now "resist Trump" Democrat David Jolly?

Wait for it — the former one-term Republican governor, 2010 Republican primary Senate nominee loser to (R) Marco Rubio, 2010 Independent candidate now losing the Senate seat to Rubio in a three-way general election including (D) Kendrick Meek, and 2018's reelected 13th Congressional District's newest progressive Democrat Charlie Christ! No judicial Democrat politics was played with that house seat!  



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